Coming back home in Forsyth, for caregiving and then for memorials, has reminded me of the childhood on the block.  The 60s and 70s had television but no internet or streaming services.  Back then, kids could go outside and play, and parents wouldn't worry about them.  My brothers and the neighbor boys made their own "gang" for running around outside.  I was the little brother.  The only hard rule from Mom was "Be home in time for supper."

Here are some of the fun we had:

Hide and Seek

This game was best in the evening well into dark.  The little backyard porch became "home" and the players had to reach it before the one who was "it" found and caught them.


This was tackle football, no pads or helmets, in adjoining backyards.  There were sprains, scratches and bruises, bumps on the head, but no one broke a bone.

Water Fights

Before the arms race to the Super Soaker, we used little plastic water guns with a range of ten feet.  The spray bottle became ideal weaponry.  Water balloons were the heavy artillery, and if you controlled the garden hose, you were the superpower.


For us kids, espionage, James Bond and Mission Impossible were pure excitement.  So a buddy and I spied in basement window wells to gather intel and not get caught.  All we saw were empty rooms or a neighbor watching TV.  Today we would be arrested for trespassing.

the Trampoline

This became an absolute kid magnet.  The neighbor who brought this wonder onto the block insisted on permission notes from Mom and Dad to climb aboard.  We bounced on it, did tricks, and played a version of dodgeball on it.  We watched birds with white bands on the wings wheel about by day and we looked at stars at night.  Some kids slept on the trampoline in sleeping bags.  I fell off it only once seriously, and I don't remember anyone breaking a bone.

Good Times.  Do you have fond memories of growing up in small town neighborhoods?  Miss the fun?  Please feel free to share.

Just be home in time for supper.

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