Justin Timberlake has been named in a class action lawsuit as a defendant by a man in California. The guys name is Kevin Branca and he claims Bai beverages is not what they claim to be. Justin has been the face of the drink for awhile now. This Kevin guy says Justin playing a role in it helps to deceives the customers.

He said that the drink claims to be all-natural when in fact he says it is anything but that. So as of yesterday the class action lawsuit just added Justin's name to the list as he is first ever "Chief Flavor Officer of the Bai brands. He invested in the company back 2016. Justin issued a statement saying that he has been a fan of the product for a long time.  The lawsuit alleges that the drinks are chock-full of unnatural  ingredients and fake flavors and that is "false and misleading". I guess we will see how this turns out and what the truth is in time.

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