This morning we learned that Kaitlyn actually gets ill if she sees large amounts of mayonaise. She's actually fine with this terrifying condiment in small quantities, but she avoids seeing the large tubs at the big box stores since it makes her do that gagging thing where she looks like a cat coughing up a hairball.

I wondered if her Mayophobia was unique or if there were others fighting the same battle. Turns out, Kaitlyn is not alone. Mayonaise Phobia is a real thing and the lady in the video above talks about her daily struggle and ultimately is forced to face her fear.

For me, jellyfish tops my list of fears. I mean...look at them. They don't look like they belong on this planet. In addition to their hideousness (which some people see as beautiful), they can have painful and even deadly stings. Luckily, I don't encounter too many of them in Montana.

So, your thing might not be mayo or jellyfish, but we're wondering if you have any irrational fears. They might sound silly to some people, but can be terrifying for the person dealing with them.

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