In a world where we have no control over what happens next... ketchup candy canes are a real thing.

You'd think we'd get through at least the first week of school before we start talking about Christmas, but you'd be wrong.

Christmas is coming early for ketchup lovers this year... or is it?

Ketchup candy canes are now a real thing you can order for the holidays.

I am legitimately the biggest ketchup lover on Earth, and I am not interested in these candy canes at all.

They sound like they would be like sucking on a ketchup stick and I mean, isn't one of the reasons we like ketchup because it's saucy?

I don't want solid ketchup. Eww.

I do imagine someone will buy these for me this year though, because when you wear a ketchup shirt and have at least four bottles in rotation at all times, ketchup candy canes were meant for you to try.

Would you try them?

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