I'm not even joking. My kids are like wacky wild yard sprinklers when it comes to germs. Walking thru the house, just spraying germs everywhere. My 6 year old surely knows the "cover your mouth with your elbow when you cough" routine. They learn it the first day of pre-school, right? Taught again in kindergarten.  And now on year three of proper germ control etiquette in 1st grade.

All weekend long she's dramatically hacking and coughing, usually right when she walks up to my face to show me a picture, or ask me a question about something or open a snack of some sort. I envision thousands of tiny germs flying directly into my nose. I routinely ask if she's been washing her hands and she gives me a blank stare and walks away. I'll take that as a "no".

The 8th grader is not much better. He snorts and sniffles and makes obnoxious throat sounds most of the year. It sort of stopped when our previous cat passed away. When we finally got a new cat a month or so ago, he was suddenly all jammed up again.  Huh. Maybe he is allergic to cats.  Might have to look into that.

Then there is baby. I'll cut her some slack because she's just two and can't really control the massive amount of gross slime that is pouring out of her tiny little nostrils. How can someone so little generate so much snot?  She makes it super challenging to wipe her nose, because she absolutely hates it.  She sees the tissue coming and the madness starts. You would think we were trying to amputate her arm, the way that she struggles. The simple act of wiping her face results in snot in her hair, on most of her face, and all over my hands.  Usually after all that struggling, it's still coming out of her nose.

Happy cold and flu season.


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