Heading to the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter every Thursday makes me the happiest person because 1) I get to see a lot of very cute animals and 2) I get to help featured an animal that is up for adoption!  My hope is that you'll fall in love with a furry friend I feature and then rush down to the shelter to adopt him or her!

Jenn/ TSM
Jenn/ TSM

This weeks KISS FM Adoptable Pet Of The Week is a very energetic Chocolate Lab named Choca! Get it?? He is about 4-years-old and is a big bundle of love and fun! If you know anything about labs or have grown up with one then you know they LOVE to be moving... constantly! So, if you like to be lazy and just hang around your house most of the time, that's cool, but Choca might be a bit much for people like that!

Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter
1735 Monad Rd
Billings, MT 59101
(406) 294-7387

*Although the pets available may be family friendly, the shelter will determine if your family and living situation is a good fit for the pet and vise versa*

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