Starting next week, I will be working with the folks at Go Figure to start getting healthier and shedding some unwanted pounds. I'm excited about it, but I know there are some guilty pleasures that I'll be missing. I think the logical course of action is to consume as many of these as is humanly possible before I get started on the Go Figure plan.

All this week, Kaitlyn and I will be headed out to various eateries around Billings to eat whatever people have recommended to us. Basically, leave your best idea in a comment and if we pick yours, not only will we have it for lunch, but we'll bring you one too!

So what would you miss the most if you were in my spot? A burger from King's Hat...a Cow from Softies...a calzone from Bone's Arcade? Leave your best idea and we might surprise you with some free lunch.

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