A new restaurant is now open in Downtown Billings, with service until 2 AM.

Options for late-night eats in Billings are fairly limited, which is surprising considering we're the largest city in the state. Getting something to eat after 10 pm is restricted to a handful of fast-food restaurants and gas station fare. Denny's is open till midnight, and this seemed to be our only option for (mediocre) food late at night. Until now.

Credit Michael Foth, TSM
The downtown location has all of the Rimrock Mall menu items. Credit Michael Foth, TSM

Chaikhana opens its second Billings location in the heart of Downtown.

The new late-night location is located in the former Imperial Thai spot at 216 N. Broadway (right next door to Daisy Dukes). We've yet to try Chaikhana at Rimrock Mall, but it's been on our short list of places to check out in Billings. The menu descriptions and food photos on display look very tasty. The restaurant describes its menu,

From mouthwatering kebabs and aromatic pilafs to delectable pastries and savory stews, our menu showcases a harmonious blend of spices, fresh ingredients, and traditional recipes that will transport your taste buds on a journey of discovery. 

Flavors are international, incorporating a mix of Central Asian, Turkish, and Eastern European spices, meats, and dishes. A map on the wall at Chaikhana shows a pushpin where each of their entrees originated.

Each tack represents a region of flavors found at Chaikhana. Credit Michael Foth, TSM
Each tack represents a region of flavors found at Chaikhana. Credit Michael Foth, TSM

Open from 9 AM to 2 AM (or 2:30), seven days a week.

We caught up with Chaikhana owner Sadi Nazriev on Thursday morning when we stopped by for some photos. The congenial restauranteur said the new location will be open from 9 am to 2 (or 2:30) am, seven days a week. This downtown location will have all of the menu items currently available at the Rimrock Mall restaurant, with new additions added in the future. Free delivery will be offered from the N Broadway shop too.

The historic building is inviting. Credit Michael Foth, TSM
The historic building and decor is inviting. Credit Michael Foth, TSM

Other restaurant news in Downtown Billings.

If you don't spend a lot of time downtown, perhaps you missed hearing about Spitz, which opened about a year ago in the former Perch location (across the street from the Alberta Bair Theater) on N Broadway. Our co-worker Josh orders from them frequently and he raves about the food quality and portion size. Spitz menu includes a lot of options for those with dietary restrictions too, such as Paleao, keto-friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.

Last week, we covered the news about the Downtown Pita Pit closing, making way for a new restaurant called Doner Kabab, opening soon.

City Brew in the DoubleTree hotel is closed. Credit Michael Foth, TSM
City Brew in the DoubleTree hotel is closed. Credit Michael Foth, TSM

What? A coffee shop CLOSED in Billings?

Usually, when we write about coffee shops in Billings, it's to announce yet another that is opening its doors, so this paragraph has a twist... the City Brew on the ground floor of the DoubleTree hotel abruptly closed in December. We're not sure about the details regarding this change, as the coffee shop was always busy. Perhaps something with the lease? The space is now vacant.

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