Laurel's favorite ice cream spot has moved.

As the spring temps climb in Montana, the seasonal ice cream shops that dot our communities are beginning to slide open their windows for another season of tasty ice cream goodness. This summer, ice cream fans in Laurel will notice their favorite shop has moved.

Credit Mo Cones, used with permission
Credit Mo Cones, used with permission

MoCones in Laurel will be ready to open May 12th.

Due to construction at its former location, the beloved ice cream shop has moved just three blocks from its longtime spot at the Town Pump on 1st Avenue. For 2024, you'll find MoCones on the northwest corner of the Laurel High School footprint.  Essentially, the corner of Maryland and 1st Ave. The space formerly held a large drop-off recycling bin. In recent years it was empty.

Mo Cones is on the move this year. Google/Canva
Mo Cones is on the move this year. Google/Canva

Twenty-one years of MoCones summertime memories.

We caught up with "Big Mo" Henman this week, who said the move to the new location is going well, as they prepare to open on Mother's Day. There was a brief uproar in the community when the ice cream shop found out they'd have to vacate its longtime location at the Town Pump across from Thompson Park. Fans were worried the shop might disappear.

Henmen said there was an outpouring of support for the family-operated shop, with customers inviting him to set up the roughly 9x12 ft ice cream shack on their front laws. Chuckling, Mo said he appreciated the offers but was thankful to find a great location not far from its former spot. The move is temporary. In 2025, MoCones will return to Town Pump.

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Laurel's Town Square. Credit Google
Another possibility was Laurel's Town Square Park. Credit Google

It's not just about the ice cream.

MoCones serves hand-scooped Wilcoxins ice cream; their signature menu creations are the real standouts. Big Mo said that it's not just about the ice cream, but also the experience of sitting in the shade at the picnic tables, bumping into friends and neighbors, and making summer memories.

MoCones is open each year from Mother's Day to Memorial Day. Their busiest day of the year is all about mom.

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