Greetings from the Cat Country studio keyboard. Today we're talking "stuck": The unfortunate experience of being stuck, songs about being stuck, and vehicles that will make getting stuck easy.

I've been thinking about this since I saw a car that was on its side in a small irrigation ditch. I said to myself, "Now that, my friends, is what stuck looks like".

And because this is how my mind works, I started listing off some songs with "stuck" in them. Right away I could hear Elvis singing "Stuck On You."

Followed by a little ditty from Montana rancher Huey Lewis and The News, their "Happy To B Stuck With You".

And my favorite "stuck" song is "Stuck In The Middle With You" by Stealers Wheel from 1972.

Which lead me to think about all of the places where I've been stuck. And all the different things I've been stuck on.

Both of my first couple of cars were big, heavy, rear-wheel drives. If you got stuck in a snowbank in one of those monsters, you weren't going anywhere until your buddy with the four-wheel-drive pickup and tow rope showed up.

Speaking of 4-wheel drives, they are even harder to unstick, in my experience.

I've been stuck on snowmobiles, which is why I retired from that sport. Even with a decent snow shovel, digging a machine out was more than I was looking for.

I've also been stuck in the snow on 4-wheelers. And that's better than a snowmobile because generally speaking one of your other 4-wheeling friends just yanks you out so you can better run at where you thought that you could get through the first time. Also, my 4-wheeler has a cup holder. And frostbite is less common when you ride 4-wheelers in the summer.

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