First off, the photo featured here is not of my back, but I have a similar pattern of fur. A couple of weeks ago I went to Montana Medical Asthetics to chat with them about some of the services they offer, one of which is laser hair removal. I've never been much of a "manscaper", but I can't imagine someone looking at a bare back and thinking, "wow, that back needs some hair." The only time I go shirtless in public is at a pool and of course the water magnifies the shoulder beards.

Today I'm going in for a consultation to see what the process would be like to get rid of this stuff. I do have a question for those with any romantic interest in man backs; is back hair unattractive? I know there are plenty of ladies who want their guy to be on the rugged side and find a hairy chest appealing, but even those ladies I would think wouldn't miss their mans posterior carpet.

Leave a comment and let me know: Hairy backs - Hot or Not?

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