The above is an actual impression of what I looked like.....Just kidding LOL!

It was 50 degrees yesterday in Billings and the low was 40 degrees. Can I get a 'Hallelujah?'

The snow has melted in a lot of places. Most of the city streets are clear and driving has returned to being easy. Our cars may be dirty as you know what but we don't care because it's "warm" and the snow is disappearing. Let's celebrate, right? hahaha don't let that melted snow fool you.

Last night I met some friends at Tiny's Tavern for trivia and we had a great time. On my way out to my car I was being careful not to walk on the non-melted snow all while trying to avoid the huge lakes of water that have formed in most streets and parking lots. I literally get to my car door and before I knew it I was hands on the ground, in the water, legs soaked and doing a scary rendition of the splits. Now, my first instinct was to look around and make sure no one saw that. Feewww, I'm clear. Now... to get up.

I get home with soaked pants and Uggs and my husbands thinking I'm probably drunk. I affirm that I had one Coors Light and a Pepsi. This was not alcohol. This was 100% me being a victim of melted snow. And now I have a gnarly bruise on my right knee as proof that Winter 2017 has one point and Jenn has zero.

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