I decided to take a day-trip over Memorial Day Weekend and headed to Boulder. It's a quaint little Montana town between Butte and Helena and is known for the Boulder Hot Springs Hotel which opened in 1863. The hotel frequently makes Montana's Most Haunted lists, but despite my efforts I had no supernatural encounters. What I did encounter were some incredibly friendly people and a hotel with a "home like" atmosphere. It was like visiting some weird rich uncle. Room was big, cheap and had it's own bathroom, which I wasn't expecting given the age of the place.

So why were so many rooms available on Memorial Day Weekend? Two words: Alcohol Prohibited. Not only do they not have a hotel bar, but they don't allow alcohol consumption on the premises. No cigarettes, no alcohol. Not bad for a family trip, but that might be a deal breaker for the party crowd.

In my opinion, totally worth the drive if you're looking for some relaxing time. The rooms have no TV's or phones, but they do have WIFI (which I didn't need because my cell service was fine).

One more weird thing about the town; it's also home to the Medical Mine. I didn't visit the place, but the deal is you pay money to take an elevator 85 feet below ground to sit in an old uranium mine and breathe in the radon which is supposed to help with aches and pains. Have fun with that.

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