The Metra really did a great job with the concerts we can look forward to at Montana Fair this year! This is for sure a year you will want to get a value pass, because all three are different and way awesome!

It kicks off with Dustin Lynch on August 10th. Ticket prices for him are $30 - $50. Then the next night is Kelly Clarkson! I saw her last time she was here and she is so great in concert. I remember voting for her on American Idol. Crazy to believe she won way back in 2002. I was a sophomore in high school. I am going to be 32 soon so I have loved her for a very long time. Her ticket prices are $45 - $65. Next in line is Bret Michaels! I have seen him a few times over the past few years and I just love him and that bandana. His ticket prices are $30 - $50. Tickets for all three go on sale this Friday April 27th at 10 AM. You can get your tickets here

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