Warning... Rant ahead:

I 100% agree to this. I've lived in Texas, Oregon and Washington and traveled to almost all 50 states and I can tell you that Montana drivers are some of the scariest. There are a million things I LOVE about Montana.... but the drivers aren't one of them! I honestly am not a fan of driving here because of other drivers! Like the article states, there are accidents in every place but the amount we have on a regular basis is crazy based on the size of our town/ state! Besides scary and reckless driving, I've said it a million times... Why the heck is drunk driving still a thing?! If you drink then DON'T drive. Simple rule, I think!

Do people think they are invincible? Do people think they are better than others? Do people think they are immortal and that death can't happen? If I was a parent with a teenage driver, I would be worried sick all the time. Hell, I get worried when my husband leaves to go fishing in the mornings alone because I know that the drivers here CAN'T DRIVE.

KBUL Newsroom - Motor vehicle accidents happen in every state, but if you’re wondering how does Montana compare to other states as far as safe driving, the answer is not good. The national home security brand SafeWise is ranking Montana among the most dangerous states for drivers in its 2017 report; coming in just behind North Dakota and New Mexico. KULR.com reports that SafeWise concluded Montana’s total fatalities per 1,000 drivers is .186. North Dakota scored a .256 per 1,000 drivers. The site said security on the road is ranked by factors like seat belts, road conditions and other drivers. While ranking among the highest in most dangerous states in which to drive, Montana also records among the most speeding fatalities and drunk driving fatalities. Two serious accidents happened in Billings Tuesday morning: one on Airport Road and one on 19th and Broadwater.

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