Gilbert Kalonde is a professor at Montana State University and according to ABC he is suing Wal-Mart due to a mistake on his fishing license. Apparently a Wal-Mart employee listed Kalonde's occupation as "Toilet Cleaner" which Kalonde claims has caused him to suffer "hatred, contempt and ridicule".

I'm not sure how it is that so many people have seen Professor Kalonde's fishing licence, but he feels he deserves some compensation because of this slight. I've never actually heard of the "toilet cleaner" occupation, but it sounds like an honest living to me. Even though I think the lawsuit is silly, I am looking forward to hearing if this particular employee is a former student of Professor Kalonde just trying to get a make a joke. I think if I spent money on an education and ended up selling fishing licenses at Wal-Mart, I might be looking for some revenge as well.

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