It's been about two weeks since the government shutdown of "non essential employees".  This means that garbage and toilets have not been tended to in Yellowstone Park for about two weeks. I read a great story in the news a couple days ago about Montanan's who have volunteered to pick up the garbage and clean the toilets in Yellowstone. How awesome is that?!! We take pride in our "neighborhood", even if our 'hood is one of the nations great parks. Regular people just like you and I donated their time and effort to do something the feds can't do right now.  That is truly the Montana spirit, and I think its awesome.

On a side note, at my other job (staffing at Advanced Employment) I finally met a guy who has been personally effected by the shut down. He works for the BLM and at first he thought at couple of days off weren't that big of a deal. Now that he's going on two weeks without a check, he needs to make some money.  It's easy to think the shutdown isn't your problem or that it doesn't effect you... until it does. I certainly couldn't afford to miss a paycheck and most Americans can't either.

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