Tis the season to judge ourselves and our “bad habits.” 

Just kidding! No judgement. That’s the first thing that needs to go out the window as we enter 2023.  

Most people, 80% in fact, fail at achieving their New Year’s Resolution.

But why? Well, that’s because we do not set realistic goals for ourselves.  We must be gentle and realistic about setting goals. Start small, very small. And then build on that. 

Montana is a state that sees bitter cold temperatures for six months out of the year.

This makes it extremely difficult to complete goals like going to the gym, and eating healthy, whole foods. Cold weather makes us want to get cozy on the couch, drinking wine and eating junk food.  

Zippia came out with a study about each statesNew Year’s Resolutions.  

Some of these resolutions are interesting... like meeting new people and therapy.  But neither of those are Montanan's goal. Check it out below. 

Montana’s Number One New Year’s Resolution is Surprising

We all have different goals, but here is what the majority have to say in each state regarding New Year's Resolutions.

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