What restaurants do you trust in Montana?

We all have stories about certain chain restaurants that we'll never eat from again. Maybe you got food poisoning one time and it ruined it forever. Or perhaps you've been burned one too many times with lousy service, messed up orders, cold food, and finally gave up on XYZ Chain Place forever. It happens.

Montana's larger cities usually have plentiful restaurant choices, with talented, James Beard-nominated chefs spread throughout the state. In smaller communities, our dining-on-the-go options are more limited, especially if you're searching for a chain restaurant you trust.

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McDonalds Holds National Hiring Day To Add 50,000 Employees
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Somewhat surprisingly, it's not McDonalds.

According to a ranking of the most trusted businesses, compiled by Clarify Capital, the most trusted restaurant brand in the US is not the world's largest burger franchise. McDonald's does rank high on the list at #2, with a 37% trust ranking.

McDonald's rarely lets us down at any of the Montana locations we've visited on family road trips or school sports or whatever. Is it ever amazing? No. But it's usually fresh and not messed up. McDonald's has dozens of locations in Montana.

KFC Menu Items and Restaurant
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People trust the Colonel too.

There aren't nearly as many KFCs in Montana as there are McDonald's, but you'll find them scattered in most larger towns across the state. The fried chicken chain got 39% of America's trust, landing KFC at #3 on the list.

My experience with KFC in Montana is that the quality, cleanliness, and food freshness seem to vary significantly between locations.

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Pizza Hut in Dillon, MT. Credit Google
Pizza Hut in Dillon, MT. Credit Google

Pizza Hut for the win!

Pizza Hut has a surprising amount of locations in Montana. You'll find them even in smaller towns like Cut Bank, Dillon, and Hardin. There are four in Billings, Missoula has three, with another in Lolo. Pizza Hut is the #1 most-trusted restaurant brand in the US with 40% trusting the franchise. 

Can I be honest? Pizza Hut is rarely my first choice when I'm traveling through Montana. If we're stopping long enough to enjoy pizza, I'll find a well-reviewed local favorite pizza place instead. That said... if Pizza Hut is my only option at 9 pm in a small town in Montana, you bet. Might as well order some wings and cheesy bread too.

Note: the least trusted restaurant chains in the US are Panera, Chipotle, and Sonic.

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