Another Billings chef has been nominated for a James Beard Award.

For years, Billings was largely known as a "meat and potatoes" kind of place. Not that there's anything necessary wrong with that. I mean, who doesn't love a perfectly seared ribeye with a piping hot, loaded baked potato? Classic Montana, for sure.

We're pleased to see that the food scene in the Magic City has improved dramatically in recent decades, with creative chefs and restauranteurs creating delicious, unique options that attract the attention of foodies in Billings. The latest Billings chef to be recognized is Nick Steen from Walker's Grill. Downtown Billings shared the exciting news in a Facebook post on Wednesday (1/24) that Steen is a semifinalist for a prestigious James Beard Chef Award.

Congratulations, Nick Steen at Walkers Grill.

Walkers Grill has been a Billings favorite for years. You might remember when the restaurant was located on the lower level of the historic building on 3rd Ave and North 27th St.  Chef Nick Steen recently became the owner of this beloved Billings restaurant and he's been busy building on the establishment's reputation for great food, service, and a cocktail menu that's quite impressive.

Walker's, downtown Billings. Credit Michael Foth/TSM
Walkers Grill, downtown Billings. Credit Michael Foth/TSM

Now we're getting hungry.

Just thinking about the beet salad, the apple-brined pork shank, or the seared duck breast with Hatch chili mole at Walkers makes us want to visit again soon. It's always been one of our top choices for great food and drinks in Billings, and we're not surprised that Chef Steen is among the semifinalists this year for a James Beard Award.

Several restaurants and chefs around Montana have received nods this year from one of the food world's most recognizable awards. See the nominees below.

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