No one likes to move. It is  absolutely the worst thing in the world. I have lived in the same house for about five years and have a had a few different room mates so the combo of that equals a lot of stuff. Just last month I was joking about how I can never move because moving all of this stuff would suck. Turns out I was right. If I had a choice between moving or being hit by a car I would pick the car. I have no idea why I have kept some of the junk I have.

The nice thing about moving I guess is you do get to sort out things you want and need and then ditch the rest. The only problem is I am having a hard time with the ditching part. As I unpack I hope I get better at it. Another plus of playing adult is getting new stuff! I got new towels yesterday and I could not believe how overly excited I got. Felt like a real adult haha this is the first time I have lived alone so little things like that are pretty fun!  Fingers crossed I can be done with this project soon. At this rate I am shooting for next year! No joke I am moving at a snails pace because moving sucks. Ugh but it has to be done.

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