Stella's is my favorite place to eat breakfast. Period.

I don't always have a big Stella's style breakfast but when I do get an inclining for eating a big breakfast, watch out! I am not one of venture outside of what I usually get so for all I know every single thing on that menu could be amazing (and probably is) but I wouldn't know because I always get the same thing!

1. Gluten Free pancakes. For all of you out there watching your gluten intake these are AMAZING. They are just as light and fluffy as any pancake I've ever had! Don't let the 'gluten free' label scare you away. They are tasty. If you don't need to watching your gluten intake.... the buttermilk pancakes are where it's at!

2. Sausage, eggs over medium and hash browns. These are always my sides. I honestly don't think there is any better combination with pancakes.... just sayin!

3. CINNAMON ROLLS! I know they are as big as my face and definitely not gluten free but I seriously LOVE these. The dough is perfect. The amount of cinnamon is perfect. The frosting is perfect. So, when you put this all together and warm it up.... It's seriously the best cinnamon roll I've ever had. EVER.

Haven't been to Stella's. GO, NOW! If you've been and haven't tried what I get... do it, just once. For me! Happy brunching!

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