National Dandelion Day is a real thing and it happens to be today! When I read that this a real thing to be celebrated I was floored. Seriously? Aren't dandelions weeds?! Weird!

The article I read said that is multiple ways to celebrate these little buggers. One suggestions said to eat them! Sick if you ask me. All I could think about is how when you were little and would have funny saying about them and rub that thing on your arm. Anyone remember "and the head popped off"? I remember thinking that it was so gross to rub that on you. Leaving a terrible yellow smudge on you!

The funny part I read about this weird holiday was that today is the one day you are not suppose to treat them as a weed. Look at them more as a flower and not a problem. I still don't like them all that much and I will not be eating them today or any day.

Funny side note.... no one seems to know why this day is celebrated or who came up the strange day. So celebrate this weird day however you feel you must!

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