There are a lot of places in Billings to get french fries but there are only a few places that hold the title of 'best'... In by book at least!

My favs (and these are in order of favorites):

  • Burger Dive - Loaded with garlic and Parmesan PLEASE! And last summer these's guys were voted best french fries in Montana sooo obviously they're a fav!
  • Uberbrew - light and crunchy. Make sure to have them with the cheese!
  • Babs Place - the snack bar inside Fireside Lanes bowling (don't judge till you've tried them. They're hand cut with the perfect amount of salt).
  • Wendy's - seriously... for fast food, they are so bomb but I can't eat them without a Frosty!
  • Red Robin - I ALMOST forgot! And with a side of honey mustard.. please and thank you!

Alright. Where do you go in Billings if you have to have some french fries!!

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