As someone who greatly enjoys mushrooms, it's always disappointing to typically find just a handful of varieties on Montana grocery store shelves, with portabellos and white mushrooms the most common.

My mindless scrolling was interrupted the other day when I came across a post featuring gorgeous-looking mushrooms. These beautiful, delicious fungi were not imported but were freshly grown here in south central Montana. And they're available through a novel 'farmers market' that runs year-round.

Credit Canva
Credit Canva

Farm Box is based in Joliet, MT.

You can think of Farm Box as a virtual farmers market. The company coordinates with local farmers, ranchers, and gardeners to assemble a variety of weekly orders. Customers pick what they want from what's available that week, and then pick it up on Sundays. The company notes,

We make it possible for farmers, gardeners, and producers to work together to meet the growing demand for local, sustainable food and products in the Farm Box area.

The Farm Box website doesn't appear to show what products are currently available, but it looks like they do a great job of updating current offerings on their Facebook page. A recent example of the weekly offerings is shown in the screenshot below.

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Screenshot via Facebook/Farm Box
Screenshot via Facebook/Farm Box

Another recent example of what you can order in your Farm Box included fresh greens from a local indoor grower, a huge variety of take-n-bake foods, and more. Order pick-up locations typically include Billings West End, Laurel, Rockvale, Joliet, Roberts, and Red Lodge.

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