I am a big fan of silly weird Holidays and today may be one of the best of the best! Have you ever heard about National Goof Off Day?! If not you are so missing out. This day comes once a year and it so worth celebrating. Every year on March 22nd.

Today is the day that encourages people to make the most of the day by relaxing and  doing unproductive and useless things!  Lets be honest everyone at some point during their day checks out and has to search the web, play on facebook, or even take an extra long lunch just to take a break from your busy life. Taking a step back to breath and refocus does in fact help you be more productive.

Today is not that day! Here a few ways you can celebrate this awesome made up holiday!

1. Neglecting adult things that drag you down. Cleaning the house, laundry, paying bills... these can all wait for tomorrow to come!

2. Spend the day online shopping! Or at least making a wish list of things you want to buy online.

3. Trolling facebook or other social media until you have run out things to look at!

4. Online silly videos (cats, funny babies that laugh, pranks gone wrong, etc.)

5. SMILE and GIGGLE as much as possible because today is a silly fun holiday to celebrate with your pals!

That is just a few ideas but you get the point. Spend today being just as goofy as you can! It does only come once a year so live it up!


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