Happy National Grilled Cheese Day! There are so many places around Billings that wonderful grilled cheese. Yesterday Kris and I talked about where we should to get our grilled cheese on and after bouncing around a few ideas we decided on Montana Melt. Mostly because neither of us had ever been to their food truck.

We had pretty much decided on that and was good to go until Corey called us this morning on the show and offered up a new idea. Corey works over at COR Enterprises in their coffee shop and said that todays special was indeed grilled cheese and tomato soup! We just absolutely love Corey and I am sure a lot of you know him or at least of him from calling into the show daily! He told us the special was only $5.00!

So with that suggestion and awesome price we decided to change our plans and go see Corey. You can tell from the picture how wonderful it was. It is not just any grilled cheese it is a crispy grilled cheese. That means that their is parmesan cheese grilled on to the bread. Holy yummy! So in the spirit of National Grilled Cheese day make sure and have yourself a slice of awesome today!

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