Some of you may have tuned in weekday mornings and thought WTF is this?  Well, this morning, WTF was exactly what it was.  Jason Tarwater from the Wild Turkey Federation stopped in to talk to us about some events the NWTF has coming up.

If you're a supporter of hunting and conservation, check out this organization.  They have couple of local events coming up soon which you can get info about by clicking here.

I mentioned the wild turkeys we have here in Billings, specifically the ones I often see on Rimrock Rd.  If you've encountered these birds, I'm sure you know they can be aggressive.  I pulled over to try and get a closeup last year and they were having none of it.  A couple of them were actually standing in front of my car trying to back me out of their territory.  I'd back up, they'd follow...I managed to get out of there without running over them, but I was happy to not be a pedestrian that day.  I have no doubt that they have terrorized some joggers on Rimrock and Poly.




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