I swear my little puppies think it is hysterical to mess with me daily. Over the weekend the struggle was real with these two. Everything I did they un did. They are only about 6 months old so I have to cut them a little break. I think that one reason besides being so little is that they are brothers and we all know little boys can be a hand full.

I cleaned up all their toys in backyard and within ten minutes they had drug them all back outside and then some. This round they took three shoes a hat a hoodies right out their doggy door and into the dirt! So after I cleaned that mess up again I went to vacuum. Got that done and like clock work they made another mess. I don't even know where they found the leafs and sticks that then chewed up on the clean rug. So once again I cleaned up a mess where I just finished cleaning!

I took out the garbage and came back into the living room and this is how I found them. In the laundry basket on top of warm clean clothes watching Jeopardy.  It is really hard to be made at them when they so gosh darn cute! I am hoping that as they get older this rambunctious behavior will die down a little. I am not getting my hopes too high because they do not turn down for what ever! At least at such a young age they have got the potty training down and don't chew anything so I have that going for me! Needless to say their cute little faces make me pretty happy. Fingers crossed they are being good little boys today. I dread daily what I may walk into when I get home. Here is to hoping they are angles today!


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