I know it's June, but the Christmas season will soon be here, like in a couple weeks.  For a quaint shopping experience for half a day, I recommend a drive to Huntley MT and the R & R Trading at 113 Northern Avenue.  It's slogan pretty well describes it:

"A Unique Boutique with Antiques."

Some rooms have women's apparel, others have relics from the yesteryears, and scattered throughout are gifts for anyone on your list.

The building had been the headquarters for the Yellowstone Valley Electric Co-op.  Rebecca Robison purchased the building in 2005 from the previous owner and remodeled it into this fixture of the small town.

Notice the signs guiding you to the next room. Credit: Travis Lee, TSM
Notice the signs guiding you to the next room. Credit: Travis Lee, TSM

The ladies' clothing offers a variety of pleasing colors with more daring and adventurous styles to create a personal expression.  Purses and jewelry accentuate that individual taste.

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The antique treasures range from western comfy to wild.  Just peruse the picture behind the headline.  You can find historical pieces that suit your interests, starts conversations and/or compliments your home style.

A Christmas antique room is already set for early shoppers.  I found and purchased a tole painted Father Christmas created in 1996 along with small wooden chests I can fill and give to kids in the family.

Frankly speaking R & R is a wonderful maze of curios, clothing and presents.  You can explore and get lost in the rooms, one leading to another, and enjoy every minute of it.  It's a great place for your inner adventurer to come out for a bit.

Credit: Travis Lee, TSM
Credit: Travis Lee, TSM

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