Crumbl will soon have some competition in Billings.

A new cookie shop is opening in Billings on Saturday, April 20th. It's called Chip Cookies, and the fresh-baked cookie store is located near TJ Maxx in the Target shopping center on Central Avenue.

Cookies are a huge business in the US, where 251 million people are expected to gobble down ready-to-consume cookies in 2024. Estimates say most Americans will eat between 200 and 300 cookies per year! Of course, many of these might be Oreos or Girl Scout cookies, but the demand for home-style cookies is rising.

Credit Chip Cookies
Credit Chip Cookies

The locally owned franchise is offering free cookies at their Grand Opening.

The new-to-Billings Chip Cookies is hosting their grand opening from 5 - 10 pm on 4/20 and according to a social media post, they're offering some sweet stuff for early believers, including free cookies when you download their app, a chance to win Chip for a Year, and other prizes.

Credit Canva
Credit Canva

How will Chip Cookies stack up?

My family is looking forward to checking out the new cookie place. My spouse and kids love Crumbl, so we're curious how Chip Cookies will compare. Looking at pictures on Chip's website, their cookies seem similar in style and texture (think: thicker cookies).

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Favorite cookies are so subjective.

Everybody seems to have a favorite style or flavor of cookie, so deciding what makes a cookie "the best" is highly subjective. Most of us will probably choose a family-favorite homemade cookie first. I think Subway cookies are great. My mom's homemade molasses cookies will always hold a top nostalgia spot in my mind for "best cookie."

A friend in Billings is obsessed with finding the perfect chocolate chip cookie, to the point of trying dozens of the most famous cookie brands all over the nation. One of his favorites - no joke - is the warm, chocolate chip cookies handed out by Hilton hotel chains.

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How much a box of Girl Scout cookies costs throughout the years

February is the time of year we see Girl Scouts out hustling hard to sell their scrumptious cookies. We all know that the price of a box has gone up, but do you know how much the price has increased? Thanks to, we now know.

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