Ok, so the new DJ is not this baby.  That's my baby eating dog food. Weird, right? She likes to "help feed the dogs" by throwing dog food from their bowl, all over the floor. And sometimes she helps herself to a few pieces.  I was initially concerned until my wife told me that she ate dog food when she was a kid.  And then I remembered way back in the vaults of my memory that me and my cousin got caught eating Meow Mix when we were little.  I figure while it's obviously not healthy, a few pieces of dog food probably won't hurt her much either.

Anyway, my name is Michael and I'll be doing my best to entertain you a little from 3-7 on 97.1 Kiss FM. A little about me: Grew up in the Gallatin Valley.  Moved to Billings in the late 90's did radio here for a few years before heading off to Denver and Salt Lake with a short stop in southern Minnesota in between.  Got back to Billings in 2006ish and have been kicking around town ever since. Our house is full with 5 kids and 3 dogs and a couple of cats. I have like 4 jobs, but in my spare time I like riding my motorcycle and fishing. Who am I kidding.  I have no spare time.

Hope your new year is off to a great start.  Let's have some fun in 2018, alright?

Next time,


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