I had no idea today was the NFL Draft. What so ever. We have new guy his name is Rick and he must really love the NFL, because he sent me an email all about the first round of the draft. To be honest I didn't know there was more than one round. Enjoy his email! Draft on drafters! I found this pretty funny as I am sure you will too!

Tonight the first round of the NFL Draft takes place and although it is not something that I am a scholar of intelligence about, I do understand the concept of ending and beginning that tonight symbolizes.  For some football fans, the end of the season happens at the end of December when their team is no longer playing.  Other fans get the privilege of watching their favorite team all the way through the playoffs.  Then there are the die-hards, the fans that believe that each occasion throughout the year is symbolical to some degree.  For those fans, for those brave souls that will weather any storm with their beloved teams, tonight puts the heartaches of last season in the past and tonight is also the light towards a glorious year of football, where their team based on the decisions of this weekend will turn things around or keep things moving in a positive path.  Tonight 32 young men will take center stage as their names are called, like so many young boys in years passed have dreamed of for themselves.  Men all over this country will live through those 32 young men tonight, even if just for one brief minute, as they will picture themselves on the stage accepting their teams jersey along side the commissioner of the NFL.  Tonight marks an end, tonight marks a beginning and tonight marks a right of passage.....it's also another night where your man is allowed to eat messy wings and burp hot beer while hollering at the TV thinking the people inside the box can hear them.  ENJOY THE DRAFT!!! - Rick


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