When I read the headline of "Dawson's Creek Reunion Celebrates it's 20th Anniversary" I thought for sure it had to be a typo. My heart sank when I clicked on the story, and yes in fact it is true. Wow do I feel old. I remember looking forward to Wednesdays so I could see what the heck these kids were up to. Love triangles, school issues, tears and fears of being a teen, and more.

Plus I have had a crush on Joshua Jackson since he was in Mighty Ducks so there is that. Not going to lie the man is aging very well. The show came out in 1998 so I was in middle school, and it wrapped up in 2003. Just about the time I graduated. Now that I think about it ....they were in High School for along time haha still one of the shows ever. There is always that handful of shows that impact your life. Dawson's Creek is totally on my list. I wanted a boyfriend with a boat and a goofy personality that would show up at my window in the middle of the night and watch movies. Never happened..... maybe one day. I guess I need to live by a creek first, and if his name happens to be Pacey that's a plus! 20 years later and I still love the show. On a side note did you now Michelle Willams who plays Jen on the show is from Montana?! Fun fact about the show for you!

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