This is the best news I have heard in a very long time! JT has new music coming out on February 2nd and it turns out the inspiration behind it is pretty neat especially to us here in Montana! Justin did say that his wife and son are who inspired the album called Man In The Woods. How cute is that?! He also said that it is a very personal album. I am so excited to hear new stuff from my main crush it is unreal!

If you have seen the clip going around of a little tease of a new video you may notice it looks a whole lot like our great state. There has been some rumors that the video is inspired by us! Mountains, bon fire, and snow.... I would say that is pretty Montana! He just recently bought a house in Big Sky and made the move to the Big Sky! I may or may not have to take a road trip and try to find him. Chances are pretty good I will!

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