No joke this is a real thing! This was the sign that posted at the hotel that I stayed at in California over the weekend! Never ever have I ever seen something like this! My mind was completely blown that there would be a sign that tell people not to do that grossness in the pool!

So gross! The fact that they would even have to post that makes you wonder how often that actually happens! After I saw it I didn't even want to get in pool just incase. It seriously made me gag. Of course I did get in the pool because I was on vacation and it is not often that I get to use a pool but believe me I showered as soon as I got out.

I wonder how many people read the sign and then say well dang looks like I can't get in the pool. So gross! I had to share this because it is so dang weird! If you think about it this is totally directed to adults because kids that may do that are probably not old enough to read! The whole thing is seven shades of sick. I would hate to be the one that cleans the pool....


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