Most of yesterday and last night, a large portion of Montanan's suddenly found out they couldn't make or receive phone calls. Every now and then a text message would squeak thru, but for the most part your $1,000 phone was basically useless, unless you were on wifi.

It was a mild inconvenience for me and it seems like they have the problem fixed at this point. I guess a worker somewhere in Wyoming cut a fiber optic cable.  This caused a bit of a chain reaction that ended up causing cellular outages from Montana all the way to New Mexico.  Yikes! If you want to read about something truly scary, google electromagnetic pulse warfare. A rouge nation could disable the United States in a matter of days by wiping out our electronics. It wouldn't kill a single person at first.  You wouldn't even know what happened until your car doesn't run. Your phones don't work. Your electricity doesn't work. The EMP wouldn't hurt anyone. The mass hysteria and extreme chaos would.

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