Yesterday all of our staff had picture day! I really loved picture day as a kid so I was super excited! Kris... not so much. He is not a fan of having his picture taken at all but yet he did great!

I had a run of terrible pictures as a kid so I always counted on picture retake day. In second grade I wore little high heels for picture day and on the way to school I decided I should try to ice skate in them. Totally went down and busted my face up. The next year a week or so before picture day I rode some stairs in a sleeping bag and ended up carpet burning my nose and chin. For at least three years I had some bump scratch or bruise in the first round of picture day. God bless retake day.

You would think that for someone who loves picture day so much I would have been a little more careful not to hurt my face! My mom always said there was a reason she didn't name me Grace! Glad I can finally nail picture day as a adult and I am so proud of Kris for being such a good sport!


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