Someone should have warned us all about this whole adult thing. Had I know what I was in store for as a kid I would have done everything in my power to stay little forever! I know I am not alone on this because lets face it adulting is hard sometimes, but when you nail it... it feels awesome. Besides the whole having pay your bills and wear pants everyday I came up with a few other reasons being a kid was the best.

1. Naps. Don't you wish that when you get tired you could crash where ever you are? Kids fall asleep in the strangest places. Adults can't do that.

2. Lunches. You never had to worry about what to have for lunch. Your parents took care of that.

3. Birthdays. As a kid you could always count on birthday cards with money in them and awesome cakes and gifts! As a adult sure you may get a card but chances of cash in it... slim. If you have awesome co-works (like I do) you will probably get a cake at work! As far as a birthday party as a adult I imagine it will most likely be a night out on the town. Wait I won't complain about that because that is always fun!

4. Getting dressed. Up until a certain age your parents picked out what you should wear. Then you started dressing yourself and chances are you had some rocking miss matched outfits. I guess I still kind of dress like that haha

5. School. I loved going to school! Recess, school supplies, the book fair! All way awesome.

6. Sleepovers. Sleepovers were the best! Stay up late, prank call people, movie and snacks, makeovers! Now as an adult if you have a sleepover it is probably because someone should not be driving.

7. Naps. Yes I said it twice because they are the best. I feel like the reason we are tired as adults is because we skipped a few naps as a kid and just never caught back up on the rest because of that.

8. Appointments. You never scheduled your dentists or doctor appointments. Mom did. Now we have to remember when it is time for a check up or a teeth cleaning or an eye appointment.


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