For as long as I can remember I have been in love with records big time. In fact I have three record players at home. One for each floor I guess! I have some super crazy albums. From Dolly Parton to Justin Timberlake and the Beatles. I own a very rare Sgt. Pepper's record that is numbered and even came with a book. One of the things I own that I cherish so much. There is just something wonderful about dropping the needle and watching it spin. I have seriously been collecting them since I was a kid. So you can imagine how excited I am about Record Store Day 2018! April 21st can't get here soon enough! Believe me I will be there right at 9 AM when it starts.

First and foremost the Records!! Lots of limited numbered pressings for RSD!! Special Montana album releases and meet and greet opportunities from Yellowstoned and Los Fumadores and one very special exclusive release from Lost Sounds of Montana! Don't miss a VERY SPECIAL Producer showdown!! Each producer gets 15 minutes to CREATE something from 3 records picked from the store!! This should be Epic! Vinyl Art projects through out the day and live music all afternoon and evening from an ever growing list of local musicians!! Troy Owens, Mandie Castro, Ben McKee, John Adams, Kenneth Dewey, Michael Ludlam, The Old Ones, Mopsketo, Assnyne, Ground to dust, Teen Wastoid, Mind Waster and likely more to be announced!! This is our biggest blow out of the year!! Do not miss it!! - Smiling Dog Records

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