If you are a Montana landlord, please don't shoot the messenger.

We realize there are some fantastic landlords out there, and renters appreciate you. It's always nice to find property owners who care about their tenants just as much as they care about their rental(s). That said... there are countless horror stories about bad landlords and shady property management companies on every local "community"-type Facebook page in Montana.

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Renters share accounts of wasting $30 over and over and over again on non-refundable application fees. It seems very scammy, honestly. Renters moving to Montana will often ask on social media "Which rental companies in (city) to avoid?" and the response can usually be summed up as, "All of them."

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Do you have a lousy landlord?

Tenants share stories of landlords or property managers who fail to respond to urgent repair issues like leaking pipes, broken furnaces, or mold. Many others dispute various move-out charges when they've left the unit cleaner or in better shape than when they moved in. Renters in the know typically plan on never getting their deposit back when they move out because property management companies always seem to find ways to claim extra cleaning charges.

Just put a pot under the leak, you'll be fine. Credit Canva
It's fine. Just put a pot under the leak. Credit Canva

Maine has the unhappiest renters. Montana is ranked 2nd.

Relocation website moveBuddah.com analyzed renter reviews submitted to Rate The Landlord, which anonymously scores proprietors across five key categories: health and safety, respect, tenant privacy, repair, and rental stability.  

Montana scored an average of 2.2 out of 5, with the tenants' most common complaints being health and safety concerns, including bedbugs, unsanitary rooms, and a lack of hot water during winter.  The report adds,

Tenants also voiced their concerns about rental stability, which relates to the predictability and security of lease agreements that provide legal protections for tenants. However, in Montana, several renters were threatened with sudden eviction or costly rent increases.  

Idaho, Colorado, and Alaska round out the top 5 states with the worst landlords.

"Well, you know our property taxes went up. Sorry." Credit Canva
"Well, you know our property taxes went up. Sorry." Credit Canva

Do you have a rental horror story?

We'd love to hear about it. Drop a comment on our Facebook page, or reach out with the Chat button on our Mobile App.

Side note: We completely understand that landlords take a risk when renting out their properties. Any landlord or property manager has plenty of stories about their "tenants from Hell" who trashed apartments. Evicting bad tenants is a costly, time-consuming process. 

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