Do people have nothing better to do? Did these people's parents not help them understand that if it isn't yours, IT ISN'T YOURS? If they catch who did it, I would make them wear bright yellow or orange onesies that says 'I'm a vandal' on the back and then have them clean up the mess under supervision. This is so frustrating because now the parks department has to spend thousands of dollars from their budget to fix this when a new project or park could have been being built instead!

KCTR Newroom - Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is offering a reward for information leading to a conviction of those responsible for vandalizing several buildings at Lake Elmo State Park over the weekend.  Spray-painted graffiti was found on a storage building and two bath houses on the north shore of the lake. Cleanup and repair of those damages is estimated to cost thousands of dollars, according to FWP officials.

Much of the repair work will have to wait until the weather gets warmer, and some of the bricks that were painted will have to be sandblasted.  FWP communication and education program manager Robert Gibson said a reward up to $1000 is being offered, the amount given will be based on the quality of information. Gibson said it will depend on the quality of the information, saying they frequently get thousand-dollar information.

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