When you donate blood you could save three people at one time. United Blood services has recently gone through a name change. They are still the same great cause doing the same great things just with a new name. Year round they need our help to keep the supply up. As we move into the winter and holiday season the need is so much greater. So please find the hero in you and donate today.

Maximize Your Donation
DID YOU KNOW: You can maximize your donation by choosing the best procedure for your blood type! This helps ensure we are collecting exactly what patients’ need and what can positively impact the most lives!
We are currently in need of donation from all blood types, with a special need for:








All Blood Types
Every drop is vital to a patient in need.
United Blood Services is now Vitalant!
On September 24, United Blood Services changed our name to Vitalant along with our 127 sister centers across the United States.  We remain the sole blood provider to nearly 70 hospitals across the Dakotas and western Minnesota and still give you the opportunity to impact lives in your community and beyond!
Curious how to say our new name? Think of the words “Vital” and “Talent” and you’re almost there!
By giving blood, platelets or plasma, you make a monumental impact on the lives of people across the country. You also make a powerful connection with others – one life saving many. We want to make your contributions count for even more.
Your gifts are the reason we exist. We're still in the same place. We’re still the same people you see every time you visit. And now we’re part of something bigger, in the same way that giving blood connects you to something bigger.
As a thank you, presenting donors from now through October 31 will receive a free t-shirt while supplies last!
Plus, presenting donors in October are automatically entered into a weekly drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card!
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or call us at (877) 25-VITAL (877-258-4825)

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