The company formerly known as Schwan's is downsizing.

Late last week, the Minnesota-based food delivery company that most of us still call Schwan's announced they are closing 90 distribution centers around the United States and laying off 750 employees. The company - which rebranded as Yelloh just a year ago - currently serves customers in 48 states. Starting December 8th, that will drop to just 18 states. Montana is not one of them. 

Schwan's became Yelloh last year. Credit Yelloh
Schwan's rebranded as Yelloh last year. Credit Yelloh

Nostalgia me is sad to hear the news.

As a kid growing up in rural Iowa, my parents were big fans of the Schwan's man. My mom probably hated grocery shopping with a houseful of young kids and back then, food delivery services were rare. Schwan's pretty much owned the market. Once a week, the big, yellow, refrigerated truck would pull into our long driveway and we kids would always beg for a box of drumsticks or pushups. Sometimes we got them, sometimes we didn't, but it seemed like we also got these (below).

I probably ate thousands of these as a kid. Credit Yelloh
Mmmm, fish sticks. Credit Yelloh

So. Many. Fish sticks.

Schwan's (er, Yelloh) had high-quality frozen foods, in addition to ice cream and treats, and we always had a box of their fish sticks in our freezer. I probably ate a thousand of them as a child. In a press release, the company cited standard corporate-speak for the downsize,

Facing economic headwinds, rising business costs, and the post-pandemic world, our teams across the country have worked valiantly to transform our company into a modern category leader. Despite those efforts and like many retail businesses, we must now close locations and face a difficult reality...

They add that the decision was difficult and that all employees who are facing termination will receive 60 days of severance pay. The 18 states that will continue to have Yelloh delivery drivers after December 8 include Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. For everyone else, the company will continue to ship their products to your door using UPS. 

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