Pit bulls get a bad rap.

Some people tend to think these adorable creatures are monsters with fur. But that’s not the case at all. Legislators attempted to ban Pit bulls in Montana years ago, but it never passed. However, they’re still frowned upon and have this giant stigma due to their supposed “aggressive nature.”  

Credit: Annette Jamieson A Snuggle Bug!
Credit: Annette Jamieson
A Snuggle Bug!

A Short Story About my Experience with Pit Bulls. 

When I was 8 years old walking my auntie’s 12-year-old Pitbull-Boxer mix, two  other neighborhood Pit bulls got loose from their owner down the street. They came flying towards us and actually attacked my dog Ogie who pretty much saved my life. Those two powerful Pitties could’ve mauled me, and they didn’t since Ogie was the brunt of the attack. Even after this encounter that gave me PTSD, I still am not prejudice against the breed. It could've been any breed that attacked, truly. 

I support helping lessen the stigma against them. Any dog could snap on a dime, German Shepards, Chow-Chows, I mean the list goes on and on. But still, Pitties have the worst reputation.  But why?? 

Credit: Annette Jamieson
Credit: Annette Jamieson ~Look at these big babies! So precious.

It’s Pitbull Awareness Month and they even get their own day on October 29.  

Some facts about the breed: 

They were first bred to protect children in basinets.  

Because of their powerful stature they were also War Dogs who would help soldiers in the line of duty.  

Each pittie has its own unique personality. Some like to swim, some dislike water, some love children, others are scared of them. 

Aggression in this breed is almost a myth due to their powerful jaw, people are quick to be afraid of them.  

Each dog has its own unique temperament. This goes for all breeds.

Some pitties are active and hyper, others lazy and round.

Pit bulls are abused more than any other breed, even bred to be fighting dogs.

Credit: Annette Jamieson Meet Sadie, a rescue!
Credit: Annette Jamieson
Meet Sadie, a rescue!

Montana native, Annette Jamieson provided me with some photos of her pitties she’s helped rescue.

She’s been a huge advocate for the breed and continues to work with the animals to help lessen this ridiculous stigma.  We've come a long way in the last ten years regarding this breed, so let's be an advocate for them.

I judge no dog, for they are angels here to help us through this thing called life. Mean humans create aggressive pit bulls, they aren't born that way. 


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