This such a bummer but incase you have not heard yet Signed Sealed and Delivered is closing. Today is the final day. Breaks my heart because I loved that store. No matter what the occasion was I was able to find something awesome there. On time in fact I wanted to find something funny for my boyfriend I knew the choices would be amazing there. I ended up getting him "Handerpants". They are silly little gloves that look like underwear! I am sure going to miss that store. Here are the details about their final day open.


Store closing Last Day sale

Remaining Sticker rolls , Ribbon rolls both are full to partially full , Bows 12 for 1$, Candles and holders, Bookmarks, Mint tins, Chai tea, Shipping Boxes remaining 1$ each , Gift Boxes 2 for 1$ , Mylar Balloons, Posters , Post cards 2 for 1$. All Remaining Greeting cards 1 each. Or Fifty for 40$. Store wide discounts on remaining product. Last Day Is Today. Monday July 31 st. 1212 Grand Ave Signed Sealed & Delivered. 8 to 8 pm today

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