I had Snapchat awhile ago and it wasn't for me. One I would click on something and not pay attention then it would is gone. That is just frustrating. What did I miss while I wasn't  paying attention?! Such a bummer haha Plus my cousin set it up so I had no idea what my password was when I got a new phone! So even if I wanted to try and snap I wanted to. Until now. New phone new snap account.

Oh boy people are so weird. Why is that we feel the need to "snap" everything we do? You went to mall...great... you had lunch awesome... wait what you got new shoes?! Get out of town. I just don't get it at all. Being single now holy geez I have got some weird snaps. To the point I am afraid to open most of them. I guess my point is when did we all stop talking to each other in person rather than all these apps? It is sort of sad if you think about it. We should all take the time to talk in person. The one thing I do have to say I like about it is the Bitmoji. My friend who made mine nailed it! I find these so funny how on point they can be! If you have a great Bitmoji I would love to see them!


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