Don't you just love this time of the year when the things that tickle your nose come to life! It seems that no matter how terrible your allergies are it hits you like a brick house. So many of the trees in our area seem to find it funny to mess with our faces. Your eyes your nose and even your chest hurt and drip and leak like crazy!

I swear I must keep allergy medicine companies in business. The other day I was digging in my purse for chap stick when I dropped what seemed like a mountain of nose sprays and allergy pills in front of a pretty big crowd as I am wiping my leaking face. Embarrassing to say the least! Then I thought to myself I am sure I am not alone in this I bet at least nine of these people are packing the same stuff in their bags they just happen to be a little more graceful than I.

Allergy season in Montana is the worst but you can't stay mad at it because of how wonderful it is otherwise. The Good news is that it doesn't seem to last that long. So as long as we can all get through the running nose itchy eyes season it is all good! I can't wait for it to be over because lets be real it is gross. Yuck!

On a side note I bet Kleenex makes a killing off of us!

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