Retired Super Bowl NFL champion Eli Manning just received the utmost stamp of approval from Snoop Dogg.

During an alternate broadcast of Monday Night Football on ESPN 2 yesterday (Jan. 3) with Eli and his NFL Hall of Fame brother Peyton Manning, Snoop made an appearance in the third quarter of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns game. During the show, he gifted the former New York Giants quarterback with a Death Row Records chain for Eli's 41st birthday.

"Eli, I would like to present to you this Death Row chain for being so hip-hop and being so hip," the Long Beach, Calif. rap veteran said as he displayed the gold and diamond-encrusted chain on the TV screen. He added, "That's yours, baby. When I see you, you got that. I'm gonna put that around your neck. Happy 41st Birthday, Eli." You can watch in full at the bottom of this post.

Eli Manning, who was all smiles but visibly at a loss for words, told Snoop, "Thank you. I will look good in that."

Peyton Manning chimed in shortly after and suggested Eli wear the chain for the playoff game in two weeks.

Later on in the broadcast, Snoop showed love to the Manning brothers and applauded their talents on and off the field, adding that he wishes he were a part of their family.

"Aye, man, it was a pleasure watching you two boys play, too, man. I wanna give a shout-out to your father," the Algorithm rapper said. "You always know I'm gonna give praise to the papa dog, Archie. But the way you guys played the game, you guys played with class. I love the way you guys won. I love the way you guys did y'all thing and I'm happy for y'all off the field with this show that you got and all your endeavors. Y'all keep up the great work."

"I wish I was a Manning," Snoop added. "Can I be adopted?"

And of course his request was accepted by Peyton.

Snoop Dogg is quite familiar with the game as he coaches a youth team called the Steelers in his Snoop Youth Football League, which was highlighted in his 2018 Netflix docu-series, Coach Snoop.

As for Eli, he's dabbled in rap—to an extent. Back in 2014, Eli and Peyton made their hip-hop debut by way of a DirectTV commercial for Fantasy Football.

Take a look below to see Snoop Dogg gift Eli Manning a Death Row chain for the former pro football player's birthday.

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