I'm not even going to complain about the weather. We are all tired of it and it sucks.  It is what it is, and someday - eventually - we'll get more spring like weather. Right? In the meantime I'm suffering from an overload of mud at my house.  This small pond is on one side of my driveway.  There are two more just like it. And my yard seems to be mostly mud as well.  I know there is grass in there somewhere... buried in mud.

Nearly impossible to keep a clean house with five kids and three dogs who seem to not give a flying fudgesickle about bringing as much mud as possible into the house. The dogs I forgive. They can't take off their shoes or wipe their feet. The kids, however, are a whole different story.

I guess the upside of all this snow and moisture is when it finally melts it will be a great time to toss some grass seed in my yard and hopefully fill in some of those thin spots with some lush green grass.  Beautiful, lush grass that will likely get ruined by the kids and dogs somehow.

Keep on muddin',


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